On October 4th, Howl! Happening is holding a publication party for John Tytell’s new book, Beat Transnationalism. – published by Beatdom Books

Beat Transnationalism cover

In Beat Transnationalism, Tytell explores the importance of Mexico to the writers and artists of the Beat Generation. You can buy it now on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle book. Copies will also be on sale at the event.

What makes this book exceptional is that it gives us a look at not only the Beat experience in Mexico but also a glimpse into the development of one of the Beat Generation’s greatest scholars, John Tytell. – BILL MORGAN

John Tytell is one of a handful of mavericks who blazed the path for what we now know as Beat Studies forty years ago. – KURT HEMMER

With Beat Transnationalism, John Tytell adds to his long list of superior literary studies that began with his pioneering Naked Angels: The Lives and Literature of the Beat Generation (1976). – REGINA WEINREICH