Beatdom was first published in 2007. Our early publishing schedule was inconsistent, but after several years we switched to an annual schedule with themed issues. Most of the recent issues of Beatdom are available via Amazon as printed and Kindle editions, with the earliest ones unfortunately out of print.

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Beatdom Back Issues

Apologies for the formatting problems below. It is difficult to extract information from 15+ years of printed journals, and then convert them into a handy list form…

TitleEditor(s)ContentsPublication DateBuy Link
Beatdom #1David S. WillsESSAYS
Buddhism and the Beats Bob Kaufman – The Unsung Beat
Walt Whitman and the Beat Generation
Father and Son: Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan
The Significance of Vagrants On American Literature
Beat Books
What Do Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson and Jesus Have in Common?
The Nanotechnological Red Bull Oxycodone Assessment
Meet the Beats Seven
Beat Tales
Truth, Justice and the International Super Highway
Beats Online
A Beaten Dream?
Eat at Joe’s: The American Dream?
Harry Potter and the Death of Literature
Alcoholic Depravity
Steve McAllister
Ken Babbs
Paul Krassner
Zane Kesey
Barry Gifford
Ganga Chip Adventure
Banter Goodfriend
New York Lights Burning Bright
2007Kindle Only
Beatdom #2David S. WillsFEATURES
Women of the Beat Generation
Saving Bukowski’s Bungalow
The Life of Gregory Corso
No Great Society Review
A Beaten People?
My Moriartys
The Influence of Jack Kerouac on Hunter S Thompson
Neeli Cherkovski
Heart Beat
The Outsiders of New Orleans
Outlaw Traveller
Rise of the Appliances
On the Beat – The Modern Counterculture
Stevia – A Bitter/Sweet Story
2008Out of Print
Beatdom #3David S. WillsFEATURES
Who’s Who: A Guide to Kerouac’s Characters
The Streetlight on the Road: Gregory Corso
Beatnik Dictionary
On the Map
The Lost Novel: And the Hippos were Boiled in their Tanks
Fact & Fiction in Las Vegas
The Modern World
Welcome to the Plastic World
On the Holloway Road
The American Epidemic
Tempest Tavern Temptress
2009Out of Print
Beatdom #4David S. WillsFEATURES
HST & The Beats: Fleeting Encounters
Jack Kerouac’s Visions of Gerard
Joan Vollmer: In the Eyes of her Contemporaries
Beats & the Sixties Counterculture
Alene Lee: Subterranean Muse
The Sea is my Brother, by Jack Kerouac
Kerouac & The Outsider: A Puzzle
The Breton Traveller The Plurarity of the Beat Spirituality
Carolyn Cassady
Gary Snyder
Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac and Ernest Hemingway review No Country for Old Men
Required Reading
Woodcuttings of the Beats
First Encounters with Allen Ginsberg
The Gun and the New Dark Way
Deep Fried Ducktape and Sushi Knives
Jack & Edward
2009Out of Print
Beatdom #5David S. WillsFEATURES
The Visions of Burroughs
Naked Lunch at 50
Naked Lunch on Film
The Battle for Kerouac’s Estate
Lady Beats
Do the Beats Still Matter?
‘Howl’ Goes to Hollywood
Helen Weaver
Someone to Write to
Hence the Drama
Deep Fried Ductape and Sushi Knives pt. 2
2009Out of Print
Beatdom #6David S. WillsESSAYS
Walking with the Barefoot Beat
Finding Alene
The Beats on the Road
Literature and the Art of Self-Realisation
Lest we Forget
In Tangier
Scroobius Pip
A Blue Hand: The Beats in India
On the Road Changed my Life…
Domino Diaries: Havana Zoo
LSD 25000
Transylvanian Tale
The Crooked Path Toward Salvation
Postcard from Allen Ginsberg
2010Out of Print
Beatdom #7 – the MUSIC issueDavid S. Wills, Wayne Mullins, and Edaurdo JonesESSAYS
Setting Gonzo to a Beat
Long John Silver and the Beats
Last Thoughts on Ginsberg and Music
William S. Burroughs: Rock God
Remembering Peter Orlovsky
Come Join Uncle Sam’s Band
Jim Carroll’s Last Diary Entry
Patti Smith and the Beats
Herbert Huncke: An Oral Biography
Flying Dog Brewery
Michael Sharp
Crushing Kerouac
Scribbe 2001
The Ballad of Sonny Allen
2010Kindle Only
Beatdom #8 – the SEX issueDavid S. Wills, Wayne Mullins, and Michael HendrickESSAYS
The Lady is a Humble Thing
Sick or Magical
Romance and the Rolling Stone
Many Loves
Loneliness and Waitresses
Poetess and Patriarch
Gregory Corso – Poet of the Streets
The Sex Life of Jack Kerouac
Marriage to a Stranger
Carolyn Cassady
Whores Who Were My Friends
Kiss Mr Chicken
Swinging with the Beats
76 Seconds in Newcastle
Beatdom #9 – the DRUGS issueDavid S. Wills and Michael HendrickESSAYS
From Ganja to God
Death within a Chrysalis
An Annotated Essay on Kaddish
Burroughs as Botanist
Sympathy for the Devil?
Naked Lens
Meat from Craigslist
LSD at the Dobie
Saint Thomas Becket
At the Holiday Inn
Beatdom #10 – the RELIGION issueDavid S. Wills and Michael HendrickESSAYS
Tristessa: Heavengoing
Eating the Beat Menu
The Weird Cult: How Scientology Shaped the Writing of William S. Burroughs
Maggie Mae and the Band
Forever Stung
Lost and Found
A Short History of Buddhism in Berlin
Under the Influence of William S. Burroughs
Kitty Bruce
The One and Only, by Gerald Nicosia
Beatdom #11 – the NATURE issueDavid S. Wills, Michael Hendrick, and Katharine HollisterESSAYS
Billy Burroughs: Gentleman Farmer
Hunter S. Thompson: Gonzo Frontiersman
After the Deluge
Rub Out the Words
William Blake and the Beat Generation
Al Hinckle
Ann Charters
Richie Ramone
Grizzly Bear
Beatdom #12 – the CRIME issueDavid S. Wills, Michael Hendrick, and Katharine HollisterINTERVIEWS
Joyce Johnson
Patti Smith
Amiri Baraka
Joyce rebuttal by Paul Maher Jnr
Herbert Huncke: Times Square Superstar
John Clellon Holmes essay
Beat Rap Sheet
Night Shift
American Zen
Jack Kerouac’s Poetry: Where’s the Gold?
Baby American Dream
Bear story
Brother Souls
Beatdom #13 – the DRINKING issueDavid S. Will and Katharine HollisterESSAYS
The Beats: Bad Drunks – David S. Wills
Meeting William S. Burroughs – Cabell McClean and Matthew Levi Stevens
Drunk and Disorderly – Chris Dickerson
William S. Burroughs, C.J. Bradbury, and Williams Mix – Matthew Levi Stevens
The Second Wave of American Interest in Japanese Culture – Charlie Canning
Drinking from the Beat Menu
This Ain’t No Holiday Inn
Text, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll
FICTION The Boys in the Bar – Chris Dickerson
All of it was made for you and Me – Andre M. Zucker
Sophie – Cristian Ponici
Beatdom #14 – the MOVIE issueDavid S. Wills, Michael Hendrick, and Katharine HollisterBeat Film Overview – David S. Wills
American Mutants – Marc Olmsted
The Road’s Too Raw – Nick Meador
$10,000 Screenplay – Doug Draime
Film Noir on a Jazzy Night – Robin Como
Heart of Dreams – David Morgan-Brown
Taking Tiger Mountain – Adrien
Why Can’t They Get It? – Neil Reddy
Filming Hunter S. Thompson – Wayne Ewing
Hunger for Peace – Jon Sindell
Pulling Our Daisy – David S. Wills
lie with me – eahba rose
I Found the Flower – Dason Anderson
Big Sur – Nick Meador
Setting Kerouac to Music – David S. Wills
Howl Essay – Michelle Rudolf
One More Year – Amber Cook
Burroughs: The Movie – Tom Cottey
The Zaps – Julie Finch
A Fish With Frog’s Eyes – Kurt Cline
Storming the Reality Studio with Uncle Bill – Matthew Levi Stevens
I’ve Seen That Movie, Too – Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto
Beatdom #15 –David S. Will and Katharine HollisterESSAYS
The Beat Generation at War
War Upon War: Second Generation Beats and Postmemory
Borne Out of War: The British Beats
Blood and Black Power on the Streets of Chicago
Howl of the Abject War
All the Time
The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs
Gordon Ball
Beatdom #16 – the MONEY issueDavid S. WillsThe Burroughs Millions – David S. Wills
The Debt Collector
Herbert Huncke Excerpt – Hilary Holladay
Finding Ferlinghetti – Calvin White
Ginsberg in the Underground – Delilah Gardner
Nothing is Perfect – Bob Pope
A Negative Score on the Happiness List – Katie Stewart
The American Dreamer Goes the Way of the American Hobo – Gina Stritch
Telling All The Road – Max Bakke
Review: At the End of the Road – David S. Wills
Beaten White – Alyssa Cokinis
The Surrealist – Brandon Lee
Review: The Whole Shot
Reconsidering Kerouac – Richard Kostelanetz
Beatdom #17 – the POLITICS issueDavid S. Wills“World Citizen: How Politics Shaped the Travels of Allen Ginsberg, and How Travel Shaped his Politics” by David S. Wills
“The Flying Dutchman: An Overview of LeRoi Jones’ Greatest Commentary on the Struggle of the Black Man and Racial Relations in Post-World War America” by Alyssa Cokinis
“‘America’: Allen Ginsberg’s Hopeful Satire” by Eliot Katz
“Defining Beat: Era, Location, and the Importance of Considering Women” by M.G. Wessels
“Turtle Island: An Eco-Critique of Capitalism” by Elizabeth Lee Reynolds
“Ginsberg and the Machinery of Capitalism: A Political Reading of Howl” by Arianna Garofalo
“Gonzo Personas: Hunter S. Thompson and John G. Clancy” by Frederic B. Wildfang
“Echoes of the Revolution: Diane di Prima and the Beat Generation” by William Nesbitt
“Elegy for Allen” by Eliot Katz
“I’m Watching You Watching Me: The Inversion of the Gaze in Ginsberg’s Photographs” by Katie Oates
“Energy and Consciousness” by Robert T. Walker
Review: The Green Ghost: William Burroughs and the Ecological Mind by Chad Weidner
Beatdom #18 – the 10th anniversary specialDavid S. WillsThe Intersection of Buddhism and the Beat Generation – Sean Negus
Reptile – Marc Olmsted
A psychoanalytic perspective on Allen Ginsberg’s Kaddish – Sam Clarke
Mom Has a Bad Dream – Eliot Katz
The Women of the Beat Generation Through Allen Ginsberg’s Eyes – Katie Oates
Mechanics and Poetics: William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg – Alexandre Ferrere
Two months or so with Corso – Linda Rosenkrantz
Breastfed Blood and Urine – Suzi Kaplan Olmsted
Politics and Family History: Kaddish and Other Poems – Eliot Katz
My Favorite Playmate: A Daughter’s Loving Tribute to Neal Cassady – Cathy Sylvia
Beatdom #19David S. WillsPhilomene Long: Beat Seeker on the Road That Was Not There – Ryan Mathews
Build Four No-Exit Walls – Eliot Katz
Snyder, Kerouac, and the Dharma – Simon Scott
Insanity in Ginsberg’s and Epstein’s Howl from a Foucauldian Point of View – Türkü Naz Altınay
Daddy’s Girl – Vincent Zangrillo
Review of Don’t Hide the Madness
After Cézanne – Connor McDonald
Martin Matz: “The Last Outlaw Poet” – Ryan Mathews
“The Silent Generation”: Sexuality and the Code of Cool in the Female Beat Memoir – Harry Lowther
Kaddish for Ira Cohen – Nina Živančević
Snake Bit – Vincent Zangrillo
Allen Ginsberg in Asia – David S. Wills
Beatdom #20 – the POST-BEATS issueDavid S. Wills“Hunter S. Thompson and the Beat Generation” by David S. Wills
“Pregnancy always makes me want to fuck more: Sexual and Maternal Desire Entanglements in Diane di Prima” by Ambar Geerts Zapién
Two Poems by Eliot Katz
“The Encounter Robinsonian: Weldon Kees and Denise Levertov, April–October 1955” by James Reidel
“Review of Kerouac: The Last Quarter Century” by Robert Niemi
“Interview with John Sampas” by David Daniel
“William S. Burroughs, Timothy Leary, Drugs, and Control: When the Beats Split into the Hippies and the Punks” by Westley Heine
“Chasing Hunter’s Literary Persona Through the Pages: A conversation with Hunter S. Thompson scholar, Dr. Rory Patrick Feehan” by Noel Dávila
“The Beaten Generation: Burroughs, Ginsberg, Thompson… and the Battle of Chicago” by Leon Horton
“A Shoe that Fits the Mind: A Review of Ginsberg’s South American Journals” by David S. Wills
“The Deconstruction and Resurrection of Bob Kaufman” by Ryan Mathews
“Fear and Loathing in Utero” by Leon Horton
Beatdom #21 – the CHANGE issueDavid S. WillsESSAYS
The Many Lives of LeRoi Jones: Race and the Beat Generation
The Change Make the Change: The Art & Prophecy of William S. Burroughs
An Excess of Meaning ~ Interpretation and the Cut-Up
Only Tough Guys Shit Themselves in Public
Boxcar Communion: A Narrative Theological Reflection…
Violets are Blue All Change The Lives & Arts of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Gerald Nicosia interviewed by R.B. Morris
Like Father, Unlike Son: An Interview with Juan Thompson
Turning the Tables: An Interview with Victor Bockris
Translating the Beats: An Interview with Farid Gadham
Review: Some American Tales by Brenda Frazer
Beat Scrapbook Review
Allen Ginsberg in Nebraska
The Times, the Times
Omnia Extares
Unrecorded Corso
Secondhand Flashes
A Memory of Gregory Corso