Every year, we pick a theme for the next installment of Beatdom. In the past, we’ve explored the Beat Generation through themes like drugs, change, sex, music, and politics. We are open to off-topic submissions, but we give a preference to those that stick to the chosen theme.

Some past recent issues of Beatdom.

Next year, however, we will be putting together an issue that revolves heavily around Jack Kerouac. This is of course because 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of his birth. As Kerouac was such a tremendously important figure, it seems only logical that we devote most of this issue to his life and work.

You will probably be aware that we do not normally announce the next issue’s theme until October, but after Beatdom #21 we were inundated with suggestions, questions, and offers all related to an anticipated Kerouac Special. In that sense, the decision was made for us.

It also seems fitting to celebrate this big Beat event with a special issue because it will also be a minor milestone for Beatdom. It was on a gloomy March afternoon in 2007 that this journal was first discussed. Thus, Beatdom #22 will be our 15th-anniversary issue. (We initially put out several issues per year; hence, the numbers don’t quite add up in terms of years to issues.)

We normally publish the journal in May, but we’ll move it ahead a few months to (hopefully) launch on the big day itself. This post then serves as an early warning for those who are interested in contributing to Beatdom #22. We will be open to submissions from now until the end of the year. As always, we can consider essays, interviews, poems, short stories, and artwork. Preference is, however, given to the first two and that which directly relates to the life and work of Jack Kerouac.

All submissions, queries, and whatnot should be sent to editor [at] beatdom (dot) com.