On March 12th, we will release a special edition of Beatdom to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jack Kerouac. Here are the contents. (One or two more pieces will be confirmed later.)


  • “I Think of Jack Kerouac, I Even Think of Jack Kerouac’s Spontaneous Bop Prosody: The New Vision and Visions of Cody” by Sasha Tamar Strelitz
  • “Women on the Margins in the Kerouac Legend” by Hank Kalet
  • “Kerouac, Germany, and the Beat Generation” by Peter Oehler
  • “To the Things We Can’t Remember, To the Things We Can’t Forget” by Westley Heine
  • “Memory Babe: The French Connection” by Gerald Nicosia
  • “Queering Kerouac for the Stage” by Alyssa Cokinis
  • “The Mad Ones: How Kerouac Introduced his Generation” by David S. Wills
  • “A Beat in Blackface: Jack Kerouac and the Issue of Race” by Ryan Mathews
  • “Where Marble Stood and Fell: Gregory Corso in Greece” by Leon Horton
  • “The Many Names of Jack Kerouac” by David S. Wills
  • “Kerouac and Myth” by Benjamin Olsen


  • “Remembering Uncle Jack: Neal and Carolyn Cassady’s children look back over a lifetime at their memories of The Great Rememberer” by Ryan Mathews
  • “On the Road with Brian Hassett” by David S. Wills


  • “Jack in Ghost-Town” by Gerald Nicosia

Here is our cover, produced by the incredible Waylon Bacon

Out Now

You can find Beatdom #22 on Amazon as both a printed and digital journal.