Very soon we will be releasing Beatdom #18, a special issue of the journal that marks our tenth anniversary. This will be our longest issue yet with almost 200 pages. As always, the cover has been made by the incredible Waylon Bacon:Beatdom Ten Years


The Intersection of Buddhism and the Beat Generation – Sean Negus

Reptile – Marc Olmsted

A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Allen Ginsberg’s Kaddish – Sam Clarke

Mom Has a Bad Dream – Eliot Katz

The Women of the Beat Generation Through Allen Ginsberg’s Eyes – Katie Oates

Mechanics and Poetics: William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg – Alexandre Ferrere

Two Months or so with Corso – Linda Rosenkrantz

Breastfed Blood and Urine – Suzi Kaplan Olmsted

Politics and Family History: Kaddish and Other Poems – Eliot Katz

My Favorite Playmate: A Daughter’s Loving Tribute to Neal Cassady – Cathy Cassady Sylvia