‘Tis the season for rampant consumerism. Across the internet, sellers are undercutting one another in a race for the bottom line, and most likely it will be Amazon that rises above all else, triumphant. Well, what can you do? Some people are advocating a “No Buy Day” on Friday and that seems just swell. Others are taking advantage of those sweet Black Friday deals… and, to be honest, that seems pretty damn good, too.

Here at Beatdom, we are going to jump into the fray and offer some of our publications at big discounts. You can grab that book you always wanted, catch up on a missed issue of Beatdom, or do your Christmas shopping in one epic tactical swoop. What’s more, you’re supporting an indie publisher and the talented-but-starving artists who laboured for years over these beautiful books.

Here are some of the fantastic publications you can get your hands on:

For the next few days, we are offering 30% off our books (full list here) and a 3-for-$20 deal on any available issues of the Beatdom journal. You can order those through the ugly Paypal buttons below. If you don’t see the title you want or the button is doing something weird, you can get in touch at editor@beatdom.com and I will fix it for you ASAP.


The sale as now ended. You can find all our books on Amazon or ask your local bookstore to stock them.

Available issues

We currently have back issues of Beatdom #8-#19. Here are the topics:

  • Beatdom #8 – sex
  • Beatdom #9 – drugs
  • Beatdom #10 – religion
  • Beatdom #11 – nature
  • Beatdom #12 – crime
  • Beatdom #13 – drinking
  • Beatdom #14 – movies
  • Beatdom #15 – war
  • Beatdom #16 – money
  • Beatdom #17 – politics
  • Beatdom #18 – 10th anniversary special
  • Beatdom #19 – asia