In May 2023, we will publish the twenty-third issue of Beatdom. The theme for this issue is the environment, and so much of it will concern the Beat Generation and matters of ecology.

Here are the contents:


  • Homo Sap, the Ugly Animal: Ghost of Chance as Burroughs’ Ultimate Environmental Statement, by David S. Wills
  • How Green Were His Values: Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Environmental Poetry, by Ryan Mathews
  • The Beats and an Ecological Awareness, by Peter Oehler
  • Nature, the Self, and its Redemption in the Pastoral Poems of Allen Ginsberg, by Jonas Faust
  • My Bohemian Fling is Over: When Gregory Corso Almost Stopped Being Beat, by Kurt Hemmer
  • Jack Micheline: The Last Bohemian Poet, by Gerald Nicosia
  • The Epic Concatenation of William Buck, by Tom Cantrell
  • A Derridian Exploration into Allen Ginsberg’s Archive(s), by Alexandre Ferrere
  • Turning Right on the Beat Road: Neo-Conservatives Reading Kerouac, by Rob Johnson,
  • Kerouac and Family, by Gerald Nicosia
  • Lawrence on Lawrence: Ferlinghetti on D.H., by Ryan Mathews
  • A Beat Out of Time: The Growing Relevance of Bob Kaufman, by Matz McLaughlin


  • Bill Morgan: Keeper of the Sacred Scrolls, by Leon Horton
  • Neeli Cherkovski: To Catch a Moment in Time, by Leon Horton


  • The Crowning Race, Ron Myers
  • Acceleration (or Is this what tipping point feels like?), by Wayne McCallum
  • Step on April Steps, by Neeli Cherkovski


  • Best Minds: How Allen Ginsberg Made Revolutionary Poetry from Madness
  • The Beats and the Academy: A Renegotiation


As always, our cover has been produced by the amazing Waylon Bacon:


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We will attempt to ship all pre-ordered copies so that they arrive before the intended release date, which is May 1st. At that point, the journal will go on sale via Amazon as a printed and digital edition. It will also be available through a limited number of bookshops.

Please get in contact if you have any problems ordering or any questions about this issue.