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In May 2023, we will publish the twenty-third issue of Beatdom. The theme for this issue is the environment, and so much of it will concern the Beat Generation and matters of ecology. This will be Beatdom’s longest ever issue at nearly 300 pages!

Here are the contents:


  • Homo Sap, the Ugly Animal: Ghost of Chance as Burroughs’ Ultimate Environmental Statement, by David S. Wills
  • How Green Were His Values: Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Environmental Poetry, by Ryan Mathews
  • The Beats and an Ecological Awareness, by Peter Oehler
  • Nature, the Self, and its Redemption in the Pastoral Poems of Allen Ginsberg, by Jonas Faust
  • My Bohemian Fling is Over: When Gregory Corso Almost Stopped Being Beat, by Kurt Hemmer
  • Jack Micheline: The Last Bohemian Poet, by Gerald Nicosia
  • The Epic Concatenation of William Buck, by Tom Cantrell
  • A Derridian Exploration into Allen Ginsberg’s Archive(s), by Alexandre Ferrere
  • Turning Right on the Beat Road: Neo-Conservatives Reading Kerouac, by Rob Johnson,
  • Kerouac and Family, by Gerald Nicosia
  • Lawrence on Lawrence: Ferlinghetti on D.H., by Ryan Mathews
  • A Beat Out of Time: The Growing Relevance of Bob Kaufman, by Matz McLaughlin


  • Bill Morgan: Keeper of the Sacred Scrolls, by Leon Horton
  • Neeli Cherkovski: To Catch a Moment in Time, by Leon Horton


  • The Crowning Race, Ron Myers
  • Acceleration (or Is this what tipping point feels like?), by Wayne McCallum
  • Step on April Steps, by Neeli Cherkovski


  • Best Minds: How Allen Ginsberg Made Revolutionary Poetry from Madness
  • The Beats and the Academy: A Renegotiation


As always, our cover has been produced by the amazing Waylon Bacon:


Beatdom #23 is now on sale. You can buy a physical copy here or a Kindle copy here. It can also be ordered via Water Row Books.

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