Issue Ten is the Religion issue of Beatdom, and as such, pretty much everything from cover to cover concerns religion in one way or another. The list of contents is below and unlikely to change before publication. At present the editors are locked away, furiously deleting double spaces after the period, executing typos with prejudice, and altering the images by 0.01 inches.

Expect this to be in your stockings by Christmas morning, folks. It’s a-comin’.

Tristessa: Heavengoing, by Paul Arendt

Maggie Mae and the Band, by Velourdebeast

horseshit, by Cliff Weber

Eating the Beat Menu, by Nick Meador

Bamboo Cathedral, by Louis Marvin

Stephen and Catherine, by Andrew Abbott

Forever Stung, by Michael Hendrick

Walt Clitman, by Robert Lyons

Lost and Found: A Fairy Tale of Sethian Awakening, by Zeena Schreck

The Weird Cult: How Scientology Shaped the Writing of William S. Burroughs, by David S. Wills

A Short History of Buddhism in Berlin, by Zeena Schreck

Starbucks, by Erren Gerand Kelly

Kitty Bruce on Lenny Bruce, Religion and Recovery, with Michael Hendrick

Under the Influence of William S. Burroughs: My Confessional Letter to the Western Lands, by Nikolas Shreck

An Altered Boy’s Lament, by BW Archer

Hinduism, by Geetanjali Joshi Mishra and Ravi Mishra

UPDATE – it’s on sale