A List of Countries Visited by Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg was a true citizen of the world, at home wherever he travelled. Although he never actually left the United States – barely travelling more than a hundred miles from his place of birth – during his youth, in his early twenties he quickly learned the skills necessary to travel for long periods of time. He could be a typical tourist with guidebook in hand, buying souvenirs and clicking away with his camera, but he was also capable of journeying for years at a time, sleeping in fields, making friends with people from impossibly different backgrounds. He could communicate with people regardless of language and survive on little to no money. Everywhere he went, he brought his ideas to share, but also learned from all the people he met.

In my forthcoming book, I document the travels of Allen Ginsberg. It is a biography, but it only focuses on his life as it relates to travel. During two years of research, I have tried to pin down information about each and every journey he took, and below is a list of all the countries I can say for sure that he visited. There may be others, and if I do find them then I will add them. I have tried to put them in order of the first time visited, although I have not mentioned any dates. Certain territories have been included that are not actually countries, but are interesting enough to include. Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic are both included here because he visited both before and after the change.

List of Countries

  1. USA
  2. French West Africa (present day Senegal)
  3. Mexico
  4. Cuba
  5. Canada
  6. Morocco
  7. Spain
  8. France
  9. Italy
  10. Vatican City
  11. Austria
  12. Germany
  13. Holland
  14. England
  15. Chile
  16. Argentina
  17. Bolivia
  18. Peru
  19. Panama
  20. Greece
  21. Israel
  22. French Somaliland (now Djibouti)
  23. Tanzania
  24. Kenya
  25. Pakistan
  26. India
  27. Sikkim (now an Indian state)
  28. Thailand
  29. Vietnam
  30. Cambodia
  31. Japan
  32. Czechoslovakia
  33. Soviet Union (present day Russia)
  34. Poland
  35. Wales
  36. Haiti
  37. Antigua
  38. Bermuda
  39. Virgin Islands
  40. Puerto Rico
  41. Fiji
  42. Australia
  43. Scotland
  44. Belgium
  45. Macedonia
  46. Croatia
  47. Serbia
  48. Hungary
  49. Switzerland
  50. Nicaragua
  51. Denmark
  52. Sweden
  53. Finland
  54. Norway
  55. China
  56. Georgia
  57. Lithuania
  58. Belarus
  59. Palestine
  60. Turkey
  61. South Korea
  62. Rep. of Ireland
  63. Northern Ireland
  64. Czech Rep (new country)


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