Beatdom strives to keep itself relevant. It began as a project to keep its staff reading Kerouac and Ginsberg, to give us an excuse to do what we love and call it work… But at times it becomes work. No one at Beatdom works full-time for the magazine, but we love it anyway.

The problem lies in the fact that magazines need advertisements to turn profits. The editors, writers, and publishers need their pockets lined and the people need their print for cheap. It’s a dirty business and cut-throat brutal.

At Beatdom we try and ignore the corporate unpleasantries of our industry and just keeping rolling along. We try our hardest to put out a Beatific little magazine and hope that buying it doesn’t bankrupt our customers. All they want is a new look at their old favourites, mixed with some old favourite-inspired new artists.

We could probably get the magazine into your hands for cheaper if you were willing to sift through the pages and pages of advertisements… The same old images and slogans that exist throughout the rest of the media… But we don’t want to feed you that.

Instead our advertisement philosophy is this: We support our own. Our writers and editors and friends can have their Beat work promoted for free. Their work is work that we believe will interest the reader. It is work that you won’t find advertised in most of the usual places.

This only applies to the printed magazine, however, and the upkeep costs for this website require small, targeted ads.