Unheard Ginsberg Recordings Newly Released

Released just a few days ago, The Complete Songs Of Innocence And Experience by Allen Ginsberg is a multi-CD (or download, if…

4 years ago

New Allen Ginsberg Readings on YouTube

I heard recently that a friend of a friend, owner of a cassette recording of Allen Ginsberg reading from 1964,…

5 years ago

Under These Stars

The latest title from Beatdom Books is Tony R. Rodriguez's magnificent road novel, Under These Stars, and it is now available…

7 years ago

Why Can’t They Get It?

By Neil Reddy Originally published in Beatdom #14   There are two questions that have to be asked about Beat…

7 years ago

Don’t Smoke!

Here's a cool video of Allen Ginsberg talking with Conan O'Brien from 1994. The quality is poor but he sings…

9 years ago

The Beat Generation YouTube Collection

The three giants of Beat poetry are Ginsberg, Burroughs and Kerouac, all of whom I deeply respect, love and attempt…

9 years ago

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