The Burroughs Millions

In Search of the Origin of Burroughs’ Mythical Trust Fund From Beatdom #16 William S. Burroughs was always quick to…

6 years ago


Tristessa Black tresses Dirty dresses You mess-a Mucha lucha, Muchacha, señorita Esperanza Junk is a drag “It is a way…

7 years ago

Tristessa: Heavengoing

by Paul Arendt   Jack Kerouac’s surroundings invariably affected his writing style. Narrator Leo Percepied’s voice in The Subterraneans reflected…

10 years ago

What Is There To See Inside Beatdom 10 ~ The Religion Issue?

Greetings, Dear Readers! We know you have been waiting for the new issue of Beatdom to come out. Well,  it…

10 years ago

B10 is Here!

Beatdom Ten is now on sale. This is the Religion-themed issue, which tackles topics like Jack's back-and-forth with Catholicism and…

10 years ago

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