tom waits

Tom Waits on Letterman

You don't get much more Beat than Tom Waits.  

9 years ago

Loneliness and Waitresses: Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski

By Ardin Lalui Imagine a world without waitresses. Who’d want it? There’s some men have no use for a world…

10 years ago

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Tribute

On October 2nd, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and his Beat bookstore and publisher, City Lights, will receive Litquake's 2010 Barbary Award at…

11 years ago

5 Tips from the Beats on how to Write Better

Guest post by Ardin Lalui, a writer inspired by Tom Waits and Cormac McCarthy. Here you know about Tips from…

11 years ago

Modern Beat: Tom Waits

In Issue One, David S Wills looked at the songwriter Pete Doherty as a modern day Beatnik, with the promise…

13 years ago

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