short story

Review: Tales of Ordinary Sadness

Tales of Ordinary Sadness is a collection of fifteen short stories by Neil Randall, and its title is a reference…

5 years ago

Goetleib and the Path of Least Pleasure

Goetleib, the undisputed arbiter of taste and opinion, was sitting cross-legged in his armchair with a book clamped open in…

7 years ago


“Imagine,” he said with a look of genuine sadness, “all the billions of people who’ve lived through this mundane life…

8 years ago

Grizzly Bear

a short story by Velourdebeast Christine and Jason went to a new friend's costume party dressed as grizzly bears. They learned…

9 years ago

Alene Lee

One of the great mysteries of the Beat Generation is that of Alene Lee. She is, or rather, was, an…

11 years ago

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