Kolya Krasotkin Wept

“. . . when the children guitared At my footbed, Kolya Krosotkins of my railroad”i Kolya Krasotkin, that little son…

8 years ago

The Brothers Karamazov and Me

“When I was in the hospital I had a big fat nurse Who kept looking over my shoulder At the…

8 years ago

A Gentle Creature

A gentle creature A slender young woman, fifteen years and nine months With very large eyes An orphan who lives…

8 years ago

White Nights

White nights Young nights Petersburg romantic lights Ivanhoe and Norman knights Rossini’s la-la lends delight Two poor lovers . .…

8 years ago

Visions of Winter… Russia… Cody

Hot chocolate . . . delicious Blustery deep freeze winds Cut through cruel canyons of Manhattan Past Dostoevsky Christmas angels Huddled…

8 years ago

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