Beyond Jazz: Kerouac and Music

The links between the Beat Generation and music seem obvious, and many of them have been pretty thoroughly explored. Ginsberg…

3 years ago

The Beats Gave Birth to Modern Hipsters

The generally accepted definition of the word “hipster” in 2017 is a young, non-traditional, counter-culture person who is an independent…

5 years ago

Martin Torgoff and John Tytell: Bop Apocalypse

In the above video, Beatdom Books author John Tytell talks with Martin Torgoff, whose new book, Bop Apocalypse, explores jazz,…

5 years ago

Review: Bop Apocalypse

Martin Torgoff’s Bop Apocalypse (not to be confused with the similarly titled The Bop Apocalypse, by John Lardas) attempts to…

5 years ago

Beaten White

The Beat Generation found itself mystified by the black culture of the time. This mystification granted them agency in manifesting…

6 years ago

The Beats and the Beatles: two sides of the same coin

“If two things are two sides of the same coin, they are very closely related although they seem different” -…

6 years ago

Mark Murphy/ Bop for Kerouac

“I want to be considered a jazz poet . . .” i Don’t miss Mark Murphy’s 1981 recording “Bop for…

7 years ago

“A Fish With Frog’s Eyes”: Bob Kaufman, George Romero and the Power of Radioactivity

  By Kurt Kline   In the poetry of Bob Kaufman, the poet is the healer, journeying down into the…

7 years ago

Young Charlie Parker

“All you need is one person in your whole life to really be listening.” i Young Charlie Parker Lester Young,…

7 years ago

Summer Bop 2013

“All I can say is, if you know Jimmy Heath, you know Bop.” — Dizzy Gillespiei (more…)

8 years ago

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