james grauerholz

American Mutants Spawned in the Bunker

Originally published in Beatdom #14, and excerpted from the forthcoming memoir/scrapbook, Don't Hesitate: Knowing Allen Ginsberg '72 Through '92.  …

7 years ago

Herbert Huncke – Times Square Superstar

by Spencer Kansa.   I first met Herbert Huncke in the Spring of 1992, during a layover in New York,…

8 years ago

Missing Poets: Looking for Cabell McLean

Cabell McLean (5th February 1952 – 1st December 2004)   "Boulder at sunrise... .36-caliber pistol... It was me all the…

8 years ago

‘Apprentice to an Apprentice’: The Perilous Passage of Terry Wilson

“According to Brion Gysin, I was an Apprentice to an Apprentice and I have never claimed otherwise. In my work…

9 years ago

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