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Specificity: The Secret Brilliance of Hunter S. Thompson

In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s protagonist, Nick Carraway, describes Jay Gatsby as possessing a smile of the following…

2 years ago

The Great Writing Caper

William S. Burroughs often suggested that one's dreams are a valuable target for the writer to plunder. But what he…

3 years ago

From Fitzgerald’s Green Light to Thompson’s Wave

Hunter S. Thompson is one of those literary figures who, like the Beat Generation writers, divides opinion. His controversial books…

3 years ago

Burroughs on Filming The Great Gatsby

John Tytell: They are making a movie of The Great Gatsby. William S. Burroughs: I'm sure it will be a real…

8 years ago

Jack Kerouac & Hunter S. Thompson

by David S. Wills Hunter never really liked Jack Kerouac's On the Road — he thought the writing was kind…

14 years ago

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