diane di prima

The Protests of Ginsberg and Di Prima as Marginalized Minorities

There is nothing more American than a protest, than questioning authority and rebelling in the name of justice. As a…

2 years ago

A Lady’s Choice: A reflection on Diane di Prima’s “Brass Furnace Going Out: Song, after an Abortion”

Diane di Prima is a woman’s poet to the very core of her diction. She is not a woman’s poet…

2 years ago

Little Women

I was only twenty in the fall of 1955 when I sat down to start my first novel. Come and…

2 years ago

Women Writers of the Beat Era: A Review

In Women Writers of the Beat Era: Autobiography and Intertextuality, Mary Paniccia Carden argues that although the most famous writers…

3 years ago

‘The Personal is Political’[1]

The moves of Beat women to reclaim bodily freedom and space through performative poetry ‘The woman’s body is the terrain…

3 years ago

The Buddhist Beat Poetics of Diane di Prima and Lenore Kandel

Beatdom Books' latest publication, Max Orsini's The Buddhist Beat Poetics of Lenore Kandel, was released on August 1st. (more…)

3 years ago

“A Fleeting Moment in a Floating World”: The Women of the Beat Generation Through Allen Ginsberg’s Eyes

“The whole Beat scene had very little to do with the participation of women as artists themselves. The real communication…

4 years ago

Echoes of the Revolution: Diane di Prima and the Beat Generation

This essay originally appeared in Beatdom #17:               “We are in the middle of a bloody, heartrending revolution /…

5 years ago

Defining Beat: Era, Location, and the Importance of Considering Women

  The Beat Generation, though small in numbers, had a profound effect on the American literary tradition. Coming into existence…

5 years ago

War Upon War: The Second-Generation Beats and Postmemory

This essay originally appeared in Beatdom #15: the WAR issue.       Most of the writers and artists to…

7 years ago

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