Allen Ginsberg in Asia

Asia had long been a source of inspiration and fascination for Allen Ginsberg by the time he finally set foot…

4 years ago

Beatdom #19 Theme – Asia

Submissions are now open for Beatdom #19 and the theme shall be Asia. We will consider essays relating the Beat…

4 years ago

My War

It wasn’t the heat that was getting to me. It wasn’t the seasickness, the overcrowded boat, getting jabbed in the…

7 years ago

From Ganja to God

by Geetanjali Joshi Mishra Beatdom Issue 9 They are unmistakable: roughly kept beards, unmanageable, unruly and unkempt hair, chillums dangling…

11 years ago

The Beat Generation and Travel

More so than any other literary movement, the Beats have influenced the world of travel and have helped shape our…

12 years ago

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