The Second Wave of American Interest in Japanese Culture: Alan Watts, Jack Kerouac, and Gary Snyder

by Charlie Canning Photos by John La Farge and David S. Wills   Since the Treaty of Kanagawa in 1853,…

8 years ago

Eating the Beat Menu

Words by Nick Meador Illustration by Kaliptus (from issue 10, available at Amazon) Jack Kerouac’s books contain such a variety…

9 years ago

Carolyn Cassady – Neal, Me and Jack makes three

By Spencer Kansa In 1951, Jack Kerouac began work on a roman a clef whose breathless prose would help define…

11 years ago

The Beat Generation and Travel

More so than any other literary movement, the Beats have influenced the world of travel and have helped shape our…

12 years ago


by Adi Rajkovic There have been many pivotal experiences and events that have influenced my vision as an artist, but…

13 years ago

Whitman and the Beats

An essay about the relationship between Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg.

14 years ago

The Vagrant and American Literature

Exploring the link between vagrancy and the American identity.

14 years ago

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