alexander trocchi

From “Philadelphia-Sigma subversion and insurrection” Center to Kingsley Hall: exploring the Laing-Trocchi-Berke connection

It should have been one of the most enduring countercultural unions of the century: Alex Trocchi, avant-garde novelist, drug fiend,…

2 years ago

Allegories from the Cave: Burroughs and Trocchi – a Platonic Love

‘Demiurgos scowled, and with that Plato awoke. Or did he?’ Voltaire The drug experience has often been perceived as a…

2 years ago

“It was electric”: A conversation with Michael Sharp

By Noel Dávila On Ginsberg's anger & kindness, Kerouac's “homo viator”, Burroughs' excremental prose and a fateful evening in the…

11 years ago

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