Beatdom #18


Beatdom #18 marks the 1oth anniversary of the literary journal.




This special issue marks the 10th anniversary of Beatdom Literary Journal. It features the following works:

The Intersection of Buddhism and the Beat Generation – Sean Negus
Reptile – Marc Olmsted
A psychoanalytic perspective on Allen Ginsberg’s Kaddish – Sam Clarke
Mom Has a Bad Dream – Eliot Katz
The Women of the Beat Generation Through Allen Ginsberg’s Eyes – Katie Oates
Mechanics and Poetics: William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg – Alexandre Ferrere
Two months or so with Corso – Linda Rosenkrantz
Breastfed Blood and Urine – Suzi Kaplan Olmsted
Politics and Family History: Kaddish and Other Poems – Eliot Katz
My Favorite Playmate: A Daughter’s Loving Tribute to Neal Cassady – Cathy Sylvia

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