Beatdom #17


The Beat Generation turns political in Beatdom #17.




The theme for this issue is politics and the journal includes the following articles:


“World Citizen: How Politics Shaped the Travels of Allen Ginsberg, and How Travel Shaped his Politics” by David S. Wills

“The Flying Dutchman: An Overview of LeRoi Jones’ Greatest Commentary on the Struggle of the Black Man and Racial Relations in Post-World War America” by Alyssa Cokinis

“‘America’: Allen Ginsberg’s Hopeful Satire” by Eliot Katz

“Defining Beat: Era, Location, and the Importance of Considering Women” by M.G. Wessels

“Turtle Island: An Eco-Critique of Capitalism” by Elizabeth Lee Reynolds

“Ginsberg and the Machinery of Capitalism: A Political Reading of Howl” by Arianna Garofalo

“Gonzo Personas: Hunter S. Thompson and John G. Clancy” by Frederic B. Wildfang

“Echoes of the Revolution: Diane di Prima and the Beat Generation” by William Nesbitt

“Elegy for Allen” by Eliot Katz

“I’m Watching You Watching Me: The Inversion of the Gaze in Ginsberg’s Photographs” by Katie Oates

“Energy and Consciousness” by Robert T. Walker

Review: The Green Ghost: William Burroughs and the Ecological Mind by Chad Weidner

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