Beatdom #14


Beatdom #14 is the movie issue.




Beatdom #14 is the movie issue, and it’s our biggest one ever. We have interviews with the film-makers behind some of the best Beat movies, as well as reviews, essays, short stories, artwork, and poetry inspired by movies.

In this issue, David S. Wills takes a look at the first Beat flick, Pull My Daisy, while Nick Meador reviews the latest, Big Sur. Neil Reddy asks why Hollywood hasn’t yet gotten Beat-inspired movies right, while Michelle Rudolf contends that they did with Howl (2010). Naturally, we took a look at the recent adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, with GK Stritch lamenting that Marlon Brando never took the opportunity to play Dean Moriarty. We also have a meta-review of the reviews of Beat movies and a lot of investigation into William S. Burroughs’ interest in the movies, as well as their interest in him.

Film-makers Wayne Ewing, Marc Olmsted, Aaron Brookner, Waylon Bacon, and Tom Huckabee all join us to share their perspective from behind the camera, rounding out our best ever issue.


Beat Film Overview – David S. Wills

American Mutants – Marc Olmsted

The Road’s Too Raw – Nick Meador

$10,000 Screenplay – Doug Draime

Film Noir on a Jazzy Night – Robin Como

Heart of Dreams – David Morgan-Brown

Taking Tiger Mountain – Adrien

Why Can’t They Get It? – Neil Reddy

Filming Hunter S. Thompson – Wayne Ewing

Hunger for Peace – Jon Sindell

Pulling Our Daisy – David S. Wills

lie with me – eahba rose

I Found the Flower – Dason Anderson

Big Sur – Nick Meador

Setting Kerouac to Music – David S. Wills

Howl Essay – Michelle Rudolf

One More Year – Amber Cook

Burroughs: The Movie – Tom Cottey

The Zaps – Julie Finch

A Fish With Frog’s Eyes – Kurt Cline

Storming the Reality Studio with Uncle Bill – Matthew Levi Stevens

I’ve Seen That Movie, Too – Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto

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