Beatdom #1


The first issue of Beatdom, originally released in late summer, 2007.




This was our first ever issue and it was released in 2007. It is very rare now but we are selling the PDF version so that readers can see what Beatdom used to be like long ago…


Buddhism and the Beats
Bob Kaufman – The Unsung Beat
Walt Whitman and the Beat Generation
Father and Son: Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan
The Significance of Vagrants On American Literature
Beat Books
What Do Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson and Jesus Have in Common?
The Nanotechnological Red Bull Oxycodone Assessment
Meet the Beats
Seven Beat Tales
Truth, Justice and the International Super Highway
Beats Online
A Beaten Dream?
Eat at Joe’s: The American Dream?
Harry Potter and the Death of Literature
Alcoholic Depravity


Steve McAllister
Ken Babbs
Paul Krassner
Zane Kesey
Barry Gifford


Ganga Chip Adventure
Banter Goodfriend
New York Lights Burning Bright

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