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If you want to ask anything or submit anything to Beatdom magazine, please direct your e-mail to David S. Wills at: editor [at] beatdom [dot] com. We can also be reached through our Facebook page.

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  • Greetings Beatdom!

    i wanted to say that I like the site and the poster mention for film Howl. I designed it under the direction of Oscilloscope Labs. Check it out.

  • Totally by accident while googling myself on a rainy Monday, I found my two poems in Issue Six. Was blown away by vast wealth of your endeavor. And if you haven't finished editing Issue #8, I have a poem you might like.


    • Sorry, I try to let everyone know when their work is published, but sometimes it slips my mind. Glad you liked it, though. Send any further submissions to the usual address.

  • nevermind...Maybe I missed it but I do not see anything that says to go to the ‘buy’ tab to download.
    I looked under ‘content’ where I think most people would look.

  • some recent news from the front:

    Recent National Book Award winner for JUST KIDS Patti Smith tells the Guardian she is 68 percent of the way through a "detective story" set in London. Smith says she has been working on the novel for two years.

    • I rescind my comment about Tom Robbins being the Village Voice author (though his name is indeed Tom Robbins, it's actually not THE Tom Robbins of Jitterbug Perfume and Villa Incognito fame).

  • Hello, David. Thanks for posting the Gregory Corso piece on the website. I happened upon it by accident -- didn't know you were doing it. Was any of the Corso/Matz material going to appear in the hardcopy Beatdom?

    The website, incidentally, looks great. Really nicely designed.

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