Beatdom is proud to announce that we will be publishing Chris Kelso‘s next book, Burroughs & Scotland.

About the Book

Coming in 2021, ‘Burroughs & ScotlandDethroning the Ancients/The Commitment of Exile‘ – an unexplored chapter in the life William S.Burroughs. Researched by award-winning, multi-translated writer and editor Chris Kelso (and fully-illustrated by Shane Swank), Burroughs & Scotland discusses the gentleman junky’s early impact on the Scottish literary landscape, his turbulent relationship with Alexander Trocchi, and his dalliance with the sinister Edinburgh Org branch of Scientology – plus many more stories of Caledonian mischief and anarchy.

william burroughs scotland

About the Author

Kelso has written nine novels, three short story collections and edited five anthologies. His work has appeared in Evergreen Review, Sensitive Skin, 3AM Magazine, New Coin, and many more.


 ‘Kelso, in writing Burroughs & Scotland, reanimates Burroughs’ corpse, reincarnates Burroughs in the corps of contemporary Scottish writers and contributes new and pertinent knowledge to the Burroughs corpus.’ – Steve Finbow, author of Grave Desire

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You can pre-order Burroughs & Scotland on Kindle. It will be released in late March, 2021.