David S. Wills

Founder/ Editor

David S. Wills founded Beatdom in the summer of 2007, just after graduating (in MA Literature) from the University of Dundee. Since then he has remained the magazine’s editor-in-chief, while working and travelling around the world. He has run a bookshop in South Korea, farmed in California, lectured in China, made cider in Cambodia, run a marathon in North Korea, and currently focuses on writing and editing for Beatdom.

In 2011, his first novel, The Dog Farm, was released by Beatdom Books, followed by Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the ‘Weird Cult’ in 2013. Shortly afterwards, he self-published a book of short stories, called 6 Stories. In 2019, his next book, World Citizen: Allen Ginsberg as Traveller, was published.

You can read more about David at www.davidswills.com, on Facebook, Twitter, and on the literary website, the Nervous Breakdown.

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  • Is the deadline for submissions for the 9th issue closed..? I thought it was May end, I am actually on the verge of finishing my paper entitled 'from ganja to God' a study of drug usage among indian sadhus and their relation with beats..

    can I still do it..??

    • Yes, the deadline is still open for a short while. Please make sure that all submissions are e-mailed by the end of May.

  • i need some one to read a piece that i wrote some time back,seems like any of the publishers up here in Canada are afraid to touch it ,or so i have come to believe,,the reason i have decided to speak to you is,,some years back i was in prison and reading a book i found in the library there On The Road ,,it became my road bible when i was released ,,but before i was released i had written to Allen Ginsberg at City Lights,just to see if i could get them to send me some free books ,Ginsberg was on a trip some where,but a man named L Ferlinghetti answered my letter, saying they could not help me ,but he sent me a poster,with a couple signatures on it ,saying he was sorry...i always remember this man for his kindness,,,but the guards would not let me keep it ,,so one of them took it home,,,i took Kerouac's book out of that place when i left,,,and to find your Beatdom on the internet just made my day ,,i guess what i am leading up to is ,,will someone there be willing to read this piece i wrote ,i am not concerned if it gets published or not ,,i just want to know its merits if any ,it is not porn ,nor does it contain any profanities, it's a serious topic ,,and im sure no one has ever touched up it before,,i am an avid reader,and have not come across any other works that deal with this topic ,,,please let me know ,,if you have the time ,,,thank you Coney Burns

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