Vast Suffering Painting


First thought, best thought
First wife, best?
Lost wife of youth
Black-haired baby boy
Third wife
Care giving wife
Second wife
Blue-eyed girl
“You can’t go all over the country having babies like that,”i sayeth Gabe to Neal
(Jack, why couldn’t you be happy with ecstasy pie
pumpernickel bread and sweet butter with your morning coffeeii?)
First noble truth suffering
La vida es dolorosaiii
You will have suffering in this world
Born to die
Suffering and Strife & Reconciliation
Archimandrite Seraphim Aleksiev
Holy O thought
Humble poet
Charley Parker looked like Buddhaiv,
but did Buddha look like Charley Parker?
Jazz defined in four words
Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker
quoth Miles
Charlie Parker dug cowboy songs
He liked the stories
Monk didn’t like rock’n’roll
Life goes on and on
The genealogy of Jesus
Abraham … David … Solomon …
The Virgin Mary of Mexico
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Generations and generations of suffering
Produced the Christ
All these specks of paint
Create one eternal painting
Vast as universe
i Kerouac, Jack, On the Road, 1957
ii Kerouac, Jack, Desolation Angels, 1965
iii Kerouac, Jack, Tristessa, 1960
iv Kerouac, Jack, Mexico City Blues, 1959

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