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Straight Around Allen

Today we are delighted to announce the release of Straight Around Allen: On the Business of Being Allen Ginsberg, by Bob Rosenthal. This intimate and poetic memoir brings the reader into the life the work of Allen Ginsberg like no other.

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The Buddhist Beat Poetics of Diane di Prima and Lenore Kandel

Beatdom Books’ latest publication, Max Orsini’s The Buddhist Beat Poetics of Lenore Kandel, was released on August 1st. Continue Reading…

Last Call for Submissions

There’s one week left until the deadline for Beatdom #19 – the ASIA issue. We are still looking for essays, interviews, fiction, poetry, art, etc etc. relating to the Beats and the topic of Asia. For example, we’d consider essays talking about Kerouac’s interest in Buddhism, Snyder’s time in Japan, Kyger’s travels in India, and Ginsberg’s visit to Cambodia. These are just some of the many, many possibilities.

If you have an idea in mind but think it might take you more time, let me know in an e-mail to As long as we hear from you before March 1st, we can consider work that is submitted a little late.

Here is some more information, and these are the submission guidelines.

Some Advice for Students

The Beat Generation was an important literary and cultural movement and, as such, it is often taught and studied in educational institutions around the world. Students from middle school to university are writing reports and essays on books like Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and barely a week goes by that I don’t receive an e-mail from a curious student asking my opinion on the direction of their studies or looking for information about an obscure character in a Kerouac novel. While I’m happy to answer any questions about the Beats, I thought I’d put together a short guide for students just beginning their Beat studies. Continue Reading…

New from Beatdom Books

Hello and a very happy New Year to our readers. At the end of 2017, Beatdom Books published two exciting new titles: Mickey Harper’s Off the Road and Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Rob Johnson’s Did Beatniks Kill John F. Kennedy? These rounded out an important year for Beatdom. Founded in 2007, this marked our tenth anniversary. We published a special edition of the journal in May and John Tytell’s second book with Beatdom, Beat Transnationalism, during the summer.

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Win a Copy of Off the Road and Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Tomorrow we are releasing Mickey Harper’s new book, Off the Road and Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. This is the latest in a long line of scholarly-yet-accessible titles from Beatdom Books – a publishing company dedicated to promoting the best Beat Generation scholarship. To celebrate the release, we’re giving away a free copy of the book.  Continue Reading…

Off the Road and Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

In Off the Road and Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Mickey Harper explores the influence of the Beat Generation on the American counterculture during the period 1956-1973. He explores the rise and fall of various countercultural movements through an exploration of literature from this period. The three central texts he explores are Jack Kerouac’s On the Road (1957), Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (1968), and Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971). Continue Reading…

Beat Transnationalism Event

On October 4th, Howl! Happening is holding a publication party for John Tytell’s new book, Beat Transnationalism. – published by Beatdom BooksContinue Reading…

Beatdom #18 is Out Now

We are delighted to announce the release of Beatdom #18, which marks this journal’s tenth anniversary!

You can get it on Kindle or as a paperback.

See the list of contents here.

Beatdom #18 – What to Expect

Very soon we will be releasing Beatdom #18, a special issue of the journal that marks our tenth anniversary. This will be our longest issue yet with almost 200 pages. As always, the cover has been made by the incredible Waylon Bacon: Continue Reading…