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Beatdom #19 Theme – Asia

Submissions are now open for Beatdom #19 and the theme shall be Asia. We will consider essays relating the Beat Generation to Asia, as well as poems, short stories, and artwork on the topic of Asia. We have selected this theme because it is wide enough to invite a good variety of research. Many of the Beat writers travelled to Asia and those who didn’t were often interested in Asian language, literature, or culture.

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Kerouac at 95

Jack Kerouac was born on March 12th, 1922, meaning that today would’ve been his 95th birthday. Of course, he passed away long ago at the tragically young age of just 47. His friends, many of whom had become estranged from him in later years, outlived him, with Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs dying just a few months apart, in 1997. Even his mother outlived him.  Continue Reading…

Dig This ~ Ann and Samuel Charters Read Beat Poetry

We found this while doing some research on the Charters’ Book, Brother-Souls:John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation. It has only had 79 views so far, so enjoy something new!!!

Read a review of their book and learn about John Clellon Holmes and Jack Kerouac in Beatdom 12!!!

It is published on the University Press of Mississippi. Buy a copy on Amazon or at the usual outlets. It is one of the best Beat reads you will ever find!