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Jack & Rosa

by Scroobius Pip

Now here’s a little story id like to tell

About two young lovers you know so well

by Scroobius Pip

It wasn’t Romeo and Juliet or Casanova

The one was called Jack and the other Rosa

Rosa first encountered this new boy next door

When she moved house at the age of four

She was keen to make a friend in this new habitat

So she would play out in the streets and see who would react

Now in this particular neighbourhood, in this particular borough

Rosa’s family were the only ones of different colour

This could be awkward when she met new kids

Coz at that age all know is the street where you live

But Rosa had been taught skin colour shouldn’t effect

Who you choose to give your friendship and to give respect

Jacks Dad had passed away so he just lived with his mother

And Rosa seemed nice so they hung out with each other

They would meet at Mr Bronka’s video shop every day

Whiling away the hours with all the different games that kids play

They’d play Commando, Run-outs, Rounders and Icky Sticky Glue

Pogs, Micro Machines and Ring Raiders to.

They’d watch Mask, Visionaries, Centurions and He-Man

Thundercats, Penny Crayon and the Get-A-Long Gang

They lived every single day in their own little world

Until Rosa was 10 and Jack was 12

From when he first started school Jack had always excelled

And due to this he was to be propelled

Into a private boarding school where his mind could flourish

The kind of school where creative minds like Jack’s would be encouraged

So on Jack went towards a glistening career

Whilst Rosa was left on her own back here

Jack would visit Rosa at the end of each term

And share with her all of the new things he had learnt

Everytime Jack would visit it felt like nothing had changed

But in reality Rosa’s life was no longer the same

Jack didn’t see this because Rosa kept it from her friend

Because each visit made her feel like they were kids again

There still weren’t many others kids with Rosa’s skin

With Jack by her side she’d always felt she fit in

But, without Jack, Rosa felt isolated and detached

So if someone showed her attention she would show it right back

To feel loved Rosa was loose with her affections

Many a boy would grace her bed, with the occasional infection

A kind word was all guys needed as a prerequisite

To get the right to tide over Rosa till Jacks next visit

Jacks life, now at Uni, couldn’t be more different

Of the perils of distraction he was always vigilant

Three girls came close, as did one boy

But Jack was focused on uni so they had no joy

Jack would often think of Rosa in that special way

But he just figured, with the distance, it wouldn’t help to say

So he continued with his work until one rainy day

Like a bolt out of the blue a phone call came

Jacks mother had grown ill and she needed him there

So he was on the first train to administer care

On the journey home mortality was on Jack’s mind

And the rarity of cases of true love that you find

This unfortunate event had made him think things over

And it made him face the feelings that he had for Rosa

He sent a text that said “Hi Rosa, its Jack

I’m coming home and need to talk to you when I get back

I’ll be around for a while as my mothers grown ill

And I need to talk about us and the way that I feel.”

Rosa didn’t know how to feel about Jack’s return

She missed him loads but what about the things he would learn?

When Jack heard about her long list of guys

Would he still look at Rosa through those same old eyes

Rosa decided it was best that it came from her

Instead of him hearing all the rumours, nicknames and the slurs

Rosa text “Meet me at Bronka’s on your way to your mums place

Then we can walk home together at a leisurely pace.”

When he saw Rosa, Jack couldn’t hide the smile from his face

But Rosa feared that warm smile was soon to become misplaced

Jack said: “Rosa I need to tell you how I feel about you

Rosa said: “Jack that’s fine, but before you do

I need to bring you up to speed on 1 or 2 stories

That I don’t want you to hear from someone else before me.”

Rosa proceeded to unravel tales of her previous conquest

She left nothing out electing to be painfully honest

Jacks reaction? Well that was one of sheer stunned silence

But Rosa figured that was better than tears or violence

Jack said: “Rosa I came to say I want to spend my life with you

But maybe you aren’t the Rosa that I thought I knew…”

“Stop right there Jack” Rosa interrupted

“I’m still the same girl that you’ve fallen in love with

The same girl that was your best friend when we were growing up

And the same girl that regrets every single guy that i…..

I was lonely and confused but now that you are here

Everything I want from life has never been so clear”

Rosa stepped forward and tentatively kissed Jack

And to kiss her back was the only way for Jack to react

And with that they agreed to make a lifelong pact

To set their sites towards the future and never look back

Jack left then and went to his mothers bedside

In the same house and street in which he used to reside

When he saw his mum he realised just how much he had missed her

And he hoped the news he had, of him & Rosa, might lift her

He said “Mum I’ve got some news that will make you feel better

Rosa and I, after all these years, have got together

We are going to get married and we are going to have kids

We are going to start a life together and get some where to live

Jacks mother placed a hand on each side of his head

She looked her son in the eyes and softly she said

“Rosa is a lovely girl and she’s been a great friend

But all this silly talk of starting a family must end

Now I know its old fashioned but it must be known

Throughout this families great history we’ve always stuck to our own

Its not “racism”, its simply pride in our heritage

Where you come from is more important than where you currently live.”

With that her head dropped, her eyes started to close

Jack held his mothers hand as a tear ran down his nose

But her last words really served to rip Jack in two

She said “Jack, I want my grandchildren to be black like you.”

Well that line right there put Jacks head into a spiral

He loved Rosa but surely his mothers dieing wish was final?

He understood his mother’s genuine Jamaican pride

But issues of the heart were surely his to decide?

Deep down he knew his aunts and uncles would feel the same

As his mother did and that just left him reeling with pain

He walked out of the house right there and then

And never saw another member of his family again.

Magicians Assistant

by Scroobius Pip

Its tragic.

You try to cut yourself in half but this ain’t magic

In fact its

Something far more dark and more dramatic.

Self harm

That’s what they call it.

Because it just affects YOU

It’s YOUR life

YOUR body

So YOU can choose what YOU do

And if one day you can’t rein it in and of your last breath you are the only witness?

Then so be it because its YOUR last breath and its nobody else’s business.

But…how about your little sister?

I mean you think your life’s been bad

And by no means am I belittling that because I know the troubles you’ve had

But a teen finding out her big sister chose death over life.

Finding out that instead of turning to her with your problems, you turned to a knife.

That’s a whole lot of pain to deal with, and a whole lot of damage

And the only roll model she has now is little more than words engraved in granite

But as you said before, this is just effects YOU

It’s YOUR life

YOUR body

So YOU can choose what YOU do

And if one day you can’t rein it in and of your last breath you are the only witness?

Then so be it because its YOUR last breath and its nobody else’s business.

But…how about your parents?

God knows they’ve done all they can to support.

Yeah you didn’t grow up in a mansion but they gave you the best life they could afford.

And the second that last bit of life trickles out and your lungs cease to breath

They have failed the most important task and test they will ever receive.

They have failed to give their child a life that’s worth living

And that’s a failure that, as long as they live, of themselves is unforgiving.

But as you said before, this is just effects YOU

It’s YOUR life

YOUR body

So YOU can choose what YOU do

And if one day you can’t rein it in and of your last breath you are the only witness?

Then so be it because its YOUR last breath and its nobody else’s business.

But…how about your friends?

How did they fail to see this coming?

I mean you can only hold so much pain and recently it seems like the tap has been left running.

Families grow distant but it’s meant to be your friends you can rely on

They shouldn’t just be there for the fun and the drinks; they should also be a shoulder to cry on.

They should be the ones you go to when you can’t talk to your family

But they’ve failed too, because although you didn’t ask for it, there support should have been mandatory

But as you said before, this is just effects YOU

It’s YOUR life

YOUR body

So YOU can choose what YOU do.

And if one day you can’t rein it in and of your last breath you are the only witness?

Then so be it because its YOUR last breath and its nobody else’s business.

But then…what about me?

What kind of boyfriend am I?

Instead of living a life I was a big part of, you would rather die.

Instead of fighting through together and turning things around

You decided the grass was greener on the other side of the ground

Of our shared lives there was nothing worth living for as far as you could see

And if that’s the case what is there left in this life for me?

But as you said before, this is just effects YOU

It’s YOUR life

YOUR body

YOUR sister

YOUR parents

YOUR friends

And YOUR partner

So YOU can choose what YOU do.

And if one day you can’t rein it in and of your last breath you are the only witness?

Then fuck everybody else, because that ain’t something you’ve got to live with.

Letter from God to Man

by Scroobius Pip

Hey there

How’s it going?





I know I haven’t been around much but it didn’t seem like you wanted me to be.

The last time I sent down a message, you nailed it to a cross.

So I figured id just leave you to it and let you be your own boss.

But I’ve been keeping an eye on you, I have. And it’s amazing how you’ve grown.

All your technological advances and the problems you’ve overthrown.

And all the beautiful art you’ve created with such grace and such finesse.

But I must admit there are a few things that, I’m afraid, have impressed me less.

So I’m writing to apologise for all the horrors committed in my name.

Although it was never what I intended I feel I should take my share of the blame.

A lot of the good that I tried to do was corrupted when organized religion got into full swing.

What I thought were quite clear messages were taken to unusual extremes.

My teachings were taken out of context to meet the agenda of others.

Interpretations were taken in many different ways and hidden meanings “discovered”.

Religion became a tool for the weak to control the strong.

With all these new morals and ethics survival of the fittest was gone.

No longer could the biggest man simply take what ever he needed,

Because damnation was the price if certain rules were not heeded.

Some of the deeds committed in my name just make me wonder where I went wrong.

Back at the start when I “created” all of this, the foundations seemed so strong.

See all the elements were already here long before I began.

I just kind of put them all together. I didn’t really think out a long term plan.

I made the sun an appropriate distance and laid the stars across the sky,

So you could navigate this globe or simply experience a sunrise.

I covered the earth with plants and fruits, some for sustenance and some for beauty.

And made the sun shine and clouds rain so there maintenance wasn’t your duty.

I tried to give each creature its own attributes. But without making them enveloped.

I gave you all space to grow and, in your own way, space to develop.

I didn’t know that such development would cause rifts and jealousy.

Cause you to war against each other and leave marks on this planet indelibly.

You see, I wasn’t the creator, more the curator of nature

And I want to set things straight with homosexuals right now: I DON’T hate ya.

I was a simple being that happened to be the first to yield such powers.

But I just laid the ground. It was you that built the towers.

It was you that invented bombs and fear that comes with them.

It was you that invented money, and corrupt economic systems.

You invented terms like “just wars” and terms like “friendly fire”,

And it was you that didn’t know when to stop digging deeper and when to stop building higher.

It was you that exhausted the resources I carefully laid out on this earth,

And it was you that even saw these problems coming but accredited them little worth.

It was you that used my teachings for your own personal gain

And it was you that committed such tragedies, even if they were committed in my name.

So I apologise for any mistakes I made and for when my words were misconstrued,

But this apology is to Mother Nature because I…….created…….you.