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Furthur Bus 50th Anniversary “Trip”

Zane Kesey, son of the author Ken Kesey, legendary Merry Prankster, is currently using Kickstarter to fund a 50th anniversary “trip” across America in his dad’s bus, Furthur. Donations are rewarded with varying levels of thanks – from an e-mail to an invitation to join the “trip”.


A few years ago, Beatdom interviewed Zane, who proved to be a rather difficult interviewee…

3D Portraits of William S. Burroughs

The above image is used courtesy of Phillip Marcus Bell, who is attempting to release a limited edition box set of 3D Lenticular Portraits of William S. Burroughs and Chet Baker.

The photos were taken in the 1980s, when Bell visited Burroughs to discuss an illustrated book of the author’s dreams. He used a camera that was purchased in Japan to capture what are probably the only 3D images of Burroughs and Baker.

The project is being funded on Kickstarter, so if you are able, please make a contribution or help by sharing the link with your friends. The finished collection of fifty photographs should cost around $300.

Here’s the link again: