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Persian Translation of “Book of Haikus”

This is the cover for an exciting new version of Jack Kerouac’s classic Book of Haikus. The writing on the cover is Persian and this is the first time the book has been translated for publication in Iran. It’s always great to see Kerouac’s work published in other languages as the rest of the world is treated to his prose and poetry.

Kerouac Book of Haikus Cover Persian

It was translated by Alireza Abiz and released March 2012.

Kerouac Translated into Persian

According to the Iran Book News Agency, Jack Kerouac’s Book of Haikus is being translated into Persian by poet Alireza Abiz.

In the article, Abiz explains a little about Kerouac’s approach to the traditional Japanese form of poetry. “Some of Kerouac’s innovations regard the language. The language of his haikus is simple and close to prose. Also, there is particular emphasis upon seasons in Japanese haikus whereas this element is totally removed from Kerouac’s works.”

The book – for those of you who speak Persian or happen to live in Iran – will be published by Ahang-e Digar Publications.