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Merry Christmas, Doctor Thompson

Christmas is coming and if you’re looking for the perfect literary gift for a loved one, try the special Hunter S. Thompson box set – containing all four of Wayne Ewing’s fantastic HST movies.

To whet your appetite take a look at Wayne’s most recent blog post on the subject of Hunter and Christmas… Including a familiar video of an act of xmas arson.


And here’s a little gift from Beatdom: a couple of HST Christmas quotes that we dug out for you.

“Anybody who acted happy on Christmas was lying — even the ones were getting paid $500 an hour….The Jews were especially sulky, and who could blame them? The birthday of Baby Jesus is always a nervous time for people who know that ninety days later they will be accused of murdering him.”

It is all well and good for children and acid freaks to still believe in Santa Claus — but it is still a profoundly morbid day for us working professionals. It is unsettling to know that one out of every twenty people you meet on Xmas will be dead this time next year… Some people can accept this, and some can’t. That is why God made whiskey, and also why Wild Turkey comes in $300 shaped canisters during most of the Christmas season.”

“Fear and Loathing in Elko” Rolling Stone (199201-23)