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Beatdom #15 Now on Kindle

Last Monday we released Beatdom #15 – the WAR issue – and this week we’re releasing the Kindle version! Enjoy:


Beatdom #15 is now on sale

Beatdom #15 is finally on sale! You can now buy it for the very reasonable price of $8.99 on Amazon.

This issue is all about WAR. People think of the Beats as post-war, entirely separate and disinterested. But we disagree. In this issue we explore the relationship between the Beats and war, from Kerouac and Ginsberg in the navy, to Burroughs’ intergalactic battles, to the influence of postmemory, the British Beat movement as growing out of WWII, and we also talk to (Colonel) Gordon Ball about Allen Ginsberg teaching in the U.S. Army.

Here’s a sneak peak at the contents:


The Beat Generation at War – David S. Wills

War all the Time – Neil Reddy

War Upon War – Katie Stewart

Everything Changed After the War – GK Stritch

Borne Out of War – Philip Willey

Blood and Black Power on the Streets of Chicago – Pat Thomas

Howl of the Abject – Pamela Kidd


The Pickle Shelves – Holly Day

Cold September Air – Marc Olmsted

Morning on my Island in these Times of War – Chris Astwood

GodCop – AD Hitchen

Taxes – Brian Kuhr


Blood Drive – Michael Lund

Fringe – Larry Duthie

Interviews and Reviews

Gordon Ball Interview – David S. Wills

The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs – David S. Wills

Beatdom #15: The Cover


Beatdom 15 coverWe are delighted to share with you the cover of the next issue of Beatdom – the WAR issue. Designed by the wickedly wonderful Waylon Bacon, we feel it illustrates the horrors of war across the ages. In the magazine we will explore war in all forms, from Burroughs’ intergalactic wars, to the brutal realities of WWII and Vietnam, as viewed through the not-so-rose-tinted glasses of our Beat icons.