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Prophecy in Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch is the book that catapulted William S. Burroughs from a minor author and figure of interest in the wake of beatnik hysteria into a notorious and, eventually, respected postmodernist writer. His book shocked the literary world and continues to do so, despite having more or less become canon. It has had an immense impact upon literature, art, and music in the West, and famously won a court case to signal a shift away from repressive censorship in American law. It is also known, however, for its eerily accurate prophesies. Continue Reading…

New Beatdom Book!

Third Kind of Horse

“This is the story of how I screwed up being a lesbian.”

Beatdom Books’ next publication is the wonderful novel, The Third Kind of Horse, by Michelle Auerbach. The book will go on sale later this week, and you can pre-order it right now from our online store. It’ll be on Amazon later in the week.