Ravaged by dreams
that seep into sleep
or sometimes my thinking, creating
uncomfortable scenarios,
horrible nightmares…
rarely ravished,
rarely loved.

Tempest-tossed on the waves of REM
that pound and reverberate up-and-down
to the rhythm of my throbbing temples.
Then I awaken, lips chapped, throat parched,
seeking Dream Catchers,




Discectomy of rabid mentality
.Vanquished by dreams.

But sometimes when the body
Chooses not to relieve itself on my mind in the night,
then sleep comes,


with pleasant dreams.

Or, more often, resting blindness.

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R. W. High


After spending the past two years teaching in South Korea, R.W. High is currently based out of Los Angeles, wanderlusting.

One response to Rampage

  1. I love the line “seep into sleep” as well as all the beautiful ‘r’ words you chose.

    This was my favorite part though,
    “or sometimes my thinking, creating
    uncomfortable scenarios.”
    The fact that “uncomfortable” is on the next line makes the break itself uncomfortable to read aloud which is really well done. Very pretty poem overall, R.W..

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