Orange Orphanage


Oz the Great & Terrible sleeps soundly in the drainpipes

Snoring through every new toothache

Each illicit subscription to bare-knuckle torture tactics

Every ribald pang of self-regression

Secure in time’s frigid chickenbone deathgrip

As he ransacks idealism’s rank poorhouse

& remakes its bordellos to suit the finest of tastes

Having been given the blessing to act as pimp of his insecurities

& left to rot with any memory he may have



or asked for

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David Cicerone

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David Cicerone is a psychedelic folk songwriter, Naive artist and poet formerly of northeastern Cambodia and Ankara, Turkey. He is the founder of the Daiist Church of South Korea and the author of 'Read The Book, See The Movie, Shoot The Hostages,' a maniacal screed of controlled mania available only outside the U.S. Cicerone currently resides in Shanghai. Cicerone's artwork can be found at

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