New Book: Jerry Rubin, Yippies, Chicago 8, Ginsberg, Dylan, John & Yoko

Announcing the first ever oral & visual history of Jerry Rubin & The Yippies – featuring Abbie Hoffman, Paul Krassner, Chicago 8 Defendants, Black Panthers, John & Yoko, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Norman Mailer, Phil Ochs, Berkeley Free Speech Movement, Studio 54, Timothy Leary, Zippies, and much more: DID IT! JERRY RUBIN: AN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY

About the Book

Book highlights include chapters on Rubin’s interactions and impact on  Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, John & Yoko, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Timothy Leary alongside correspondence with Yoko Ono, Norman Mailer, Eldridge Cleaver, Abbie Hoffman and the Weather Underground, plus excerpts from Rubin’s personal journals, diaries, notebooks spanning 1950s – 1990s.

Did It! Jerry Rubin: An American Revolutionary is an oral & visual history of the infamous Rubin – the first ever biography of the co-founder of the Yippies, Anti-Vietnam War radical, Chicago 8 defendant, New Age/Self Help proponent, and social-networking pioneer.  Also explored is the oft-misunderstood relationship between Rubin and his partner-in-crime Abbie Hoffman.

Seventy-five of Rubin’s co-conspirators were interviewed for the book including fellow Chicago 8 Defendants, participants in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement; Paul Krassner, Judy Gumbo, Nancy Kurshan, John & Leni Sinclair (of the White Panthers & MC5), Rennie Davis, Country Joe McDonald and dozens more reveal in their own voice – vibrant stories of the era.

About the Author

Pat Thomas is the author of  Listen, Whitey! The sights & sounds of Black Power 1965-1975 and the curator of  Invitation to Openness: The Jazz & Soul Photography of Les McCann 1960-1980  (both published by Fantagraphics). He has appeared on the BBC & NPR as the author of Listen, Whitey! and was a consultant to the PBS documentary The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. He has lectured at USC, Hunter College, Evergreen State College, George Washington University, the University of East London, University of Oslo, and the University of Copenhagen.

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