Freeform fuckup


Here we are again labias and genitals let loose from our own personalized bondage to attempt once
more to find the ending to this fire ant’s farm of unreasonable and otherwise unseasonable coughing
fits in this the generic over the counter logic known as the “one and only way” in order to find some
truth within the guidelines set to soggy bass lines in a free form treasure map titled ”untied until tilted “
where clearly scribbled in measure 138 are the rules to total happiness which are stated as followed you
are born you are learned then you are burned oh wait a goddamn minute wasn’t there supposed to be
something about being happy in there oh well

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Stephen Dillon


my birth date is 1/11/1190. I am born and rasied in savannah ,GA and have recently began to appreciate living in such an arts influenced town. I have been writing for about year now I have plenyt of spoken word experience,coffee house readings, and zinzes have published my work

One response to Freeform fuckup

  1. gaines milligan January 11, 2013 at 4:01 am

    this one stands out

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