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If you want to ask anything or submit anything to Beatdom magazine, please direct your e-mail to editor [at] beatdom [dot] com.

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  1. Greetings Beatdom!

    i wanted to say that I like the site and the poster mention for film Howl. I designed it under the direction of Oscilloscope Labs. Check it out.

  2. Arlene L. Mandell November 8, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Totally by accident while googling myself on a rainy Monday, I found my two poems in Issue Six. Was blown away by vast wealth of your endeavor. And if you haven’t finished editing Issue #8, I have a poem you might like.


    • Sorry, I try to let everyone know when their work is published, but sometimes it slips my mind. Glad you liked it, though. Send any further submissions to the usual address.

  3. help!!! i can no longer find the full issue downloads!!!

  4. nevermind…Maybe I missed it but I do not see anything that says to go to the ‘buy’ tab to download.
    I looked under ‘content’ where I think most people would look.


  6. some recent news from the front:

    Recent National Book Award winner for JUST KIDS Patti Smith tells the Guardian she is 68 percent of the way through a “detective story” set in London. Smith says she has been working on the novel for two years.

  7. John Ross, legendary beat poet and journalist who was a fixture in New York City’s Village until becoming a California staple, passed away this past January on the West Coast. The Village Voice (actually penned by none other than undergound legend Tom Robbins) wrote a nice little article about him:

    • I rescind my comment about Tom Robbins being the Village Voice author (though his name is indeed Tom Robbins, it’s actually not THE Tom Robbins of Jitterbug Perfume and Villa Incognito fame).

  8. Eugene Lazarev March 11, 2011 at 5:08 am

    How I can hang with us if I wanna help to create the Beatdom magazine?

  9. Hello, David. Thanks for posting the Gregory Corso piece on the website. I happened upon it by accident — didn’t know you were doing it. Was any of the Corso/Matz material going to appear in the hardcopy Beatdom?

    The website, incidentally, looks great. Really nicely designed.

  10. I would like 2 submit some poems 4 review possible I write about love spiritual death personal and much more all in a ryhming format most my poems are inspired by music all by passion

  11. what happened to the religion issue 10? When you hit it it has just two articles.

    I listed you as dance partner on first page of the LM web site. I think the Bamboo Cathedral was to get published.


  12. you guys can check it on
    it has dance partners at the pie back and polka/squaredance
    it list BEATDOM and LM dancing and thnks you for the stolen piece of pie and the punch spike.

  13. hi folks:

    can anyone give me any information on gregory corso’s book of haiku (if it really exists)? i’ve heard tell of a 1959 publication that includes 19 haiku, but i can’t seem to find any information on it. so i thought i’d go to the source. thanks for all your help.

    jim kacian
    the haiku foundation

  14. and don’t forget, you can but issues Nine (Drugs Issue), Ten (Religion Issue) and Eleven (Nature Issue) of the magazine with a check or money order (cash at your own risk) from me, Editor Michael Hendrick at….it is much more fun to have a real copy of the print issue in your hands, as you can see by the recent post show what is inside…Best to All!!! Michael

  15. and yes, i really ‘are’ an editor but i blame those two typos in my last post on the fact that the A/C is turned so low that my hands are shaking and i am all agog with the joy of Beatdom!!!
    Do yourself a favor and buy now!!!!

  16. Would you know Paul Blake (Jack Kerouac’s nephew)’s mailing address? I would like to contact him.

  17. Dear beatdomdavid,

    You really should acknowledge that the essay of mine on Jack Kerouac that you posted was first published in First Things magazine.

    Rusty Reno

  18. Hi,
    I’m a journalism student writing an article about the influence of the Beat Generation on today’s youth, and I thought that as an expert you might be willing to give me a hand.
    Basically I will like to know your opinion on this area, and maybe get some more ideas for my article.
    I was just reading through Beaton and you seem like the perfect candidate for this so I hope you can give me a hand.
    Congratulations for your page, looks awesome and it’s very instructive, I’m getting quite a few ideas from it for my project.
    Hope to hear back from you soon,

  19. Hi who edits or writes the essays on this page ?

  20. Hi I have this paper due tomorrow and I really need to cite your work where is this company located?

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