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The Cyborg Life

You spend nineteen hours daily in awe of my mechanical majesty
My radiant robot face beaming light upon your spectacles
I fulfill your every desire, all information that you seek
Give a command and I’m there, though I admit an occasional glitch
Still I beg for some reciprocation—could you cleanse my robot face?
And the parts of me I use to talk can still feel that coffee stain
You’ve got me feeling bluer than my screen of death
It’s Saturday night, go out, human, and leave me to myself!

Egad, you cleansed my robot face, and my circuits feel brand new
You even turned the lights on so I have more things to view
You went out on no benders, you’ve no bigger fish to fry
Let me be your Hermes, your messenger god tonight
And as you fill my Cyclops eye, we will both sigh in delight
Like Farnsworth’s box to Americans, we will harmonize
Together we’re a cyborg, as much man as machine
Let’s enjoy our cyborg life as long as you can watch my screen.


And the corner angels sang,

something about Descartes

And decisions.

A swift one at the bookies

Or the same at Ronnie’s Bar,

Upon whose step they sat

Eulogising about word shapes

and if it was possible

To impart the mind of God – in a syllable or two.


And the rain had abated but the road was lustred

oil rainbows and petrol blooms

and the corner angels sang about liberty

and the cost of trust

Her hair braided and

The other – eyes heavenward

Mascara and lips all a-pout

And the change gathered like the wages of sin

Little tin at her feet

Like a dutiful dog.


Obedient and lost.


Oh little town of desperation

How sweet we see thee lie

And the corner angels sang

took smiles

And backward glances

soul eaters

Foot tapping to the mantra

Of something other than now

Hark them – their voices

Spitting in the discord

Of another ceaseless day.


Is this it?


That’s the question

and the corner angels know it

Sing of it and ask any God – every God

And all the fractured idols

fallen saints and

Reborn lovers

extinguished lives

And rekindled wives

social mores

And lazy afternoons by the TV

old newspapers from back when

And freestyle runners

soap box preachers

And politicians

Decision makers

And lifelong forsakers

Bar upon bar


Why would anyone choose silence?

The Corrupted Race of Man

I sit and watch this corrupted race of man.

All meaningless people

Doing meaningless things

For the sake of people that mean nothing to them.


Want is one thing

Greed is another.

They lie




And plan

For the mere sake of their fellow damned.


I can no longer sit here and watch young girls

Hike their skirts up

As they slip their bras down,





That “that one man” will come for them.


what you receive is entirely based upon what you gift.


The fall of man.

A Moment Cherished

Kiss me
And even though
We shall miss thee
A moment cherished
Shall never perish

Tiger Trap

Bungalow Bill and them barbershop buzzards

Great soot! the Tigers roam free

Do not forget me, Mag up on the wall

The Tigers will deframe your effigy


Psycho jungle cats need thirty lashes

Holden Coffin to the Nylon King

Tea to effin’, four new tatas

Tea I double don’t curr for deeez caaats

Do not forget me, Marg up on the wall

The Tigers will deframe your effigy.

los feliz

Now we live together.
Just like that.
Seems like, well, at most a year ago
when we first walked toward each other,
awkwardly closing the cement gap with wobbly legs.
Sure as hell doesn’t feel like four years.

Now we live together
and we’re 25 years-old,
merely skimming the surface of potentiality,
meticulously chipping away at the tip of the iceberg.
A subdued smirk sprouts above my chin
because I have seen the ocean floor
and the massive frozen base.
I have seen what we are capable of
and fully intend to capture it,
ensuring we are there to witness it blossom.
Others are free to watch,
for they will always remember the couple
who unleashed what they could not.

Now we live together
and it’s easy.
The vinyl spins continuously
and the Art comes in spurts,
always returning moments before you swear it’s gone for good.


Ode to all Humans/Insects

Creatures of this insane ghetto

please leave me alone

let me be


one wing

two wing

eight legs…nine

things with tails

things with whiskers

especially you recycling eating ants

leave me be


with out you

maybe the chaos

would be enjoyable


i could brew it in a pot

drink it in a cup


so please creatures

read the memo in your mail box

leave me alone

Unkind Hands of Time

Simply stuck,

in the simplest

of sticky situations.

Two arms that never move

Numbers that never count

Scripted days into…

Scripted nights



Lost in what they call


Ideal’s Eyes

To be able…
Just to discover
   whats inside
Inside me
  Inside you
To peer through the eyes
  into the brian….
Straight down to the heart
Next …
Swimming in the stomach
 slide down through the intestines
    down the knees and out the feet
Is that really you?
Where is thy Soul?
At second glance I discover…..
       Who she is
        Who I am

Teenage Dream

you stole the words

from my dreams

covered them

in black ash

and they melted in the flames of your hands


it was the year when

the streets were dark

and we would erode under the sun

waiting to be carried away


we poisoned ourselves

just to feel alive

then hide from

the monsters of the night


too young to live

we wanted to kill

the light

and bask in

the teenage dream


too close to home

but too far

to hear

the screams


we were forever

on the run

looking for the everlasting

or surrendering


the ghost