Big Sur: The Movie


This past year has been kind to fans of the Beat Generation. First there was “Howl”, the movie about Allen Ginsberg’s epic poem, starring James Franco and directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Then came “On the Road”, adapted from Jack Kerouac’s classic novel, and starring Sam Reilly and Kristen Stewart. As it hasn’t reached the cinema yet, it remains to be seen whether it will enthrall Beat fans like “Howl”.

Now there is “Big Sur”, based upon another Kerouac classic. According to the day’s news, the movie will be directed by Michael Polish and starring Jean-Marc Barr, Josh Lucas and Kate Bosworth.

Also coming up this year is the long, long, long awaited movie based on Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Bruce Robinson.

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2 responses to Big Sur: The Movie

  1. Strikes me if this up-coming Big Sur film lives up to it’s casting director’s choices it will be a good’un:
    ie. Josh Lucas looks more like Neal Cassady than Neal Cassady. Jean-Marc Barr cast as Jack, if he let his hair grow – another look-alike sinch for the part! Al of site/group/thread.

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