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Greetings. As you will have gathered from the previous post, there’s not much action over at Beatdom. Beat news reports and our Facebook quote game have been on hiatus, and there hasn’t been much news about issue eight or the long-awaited subscriptions.

But fear not, we haven’t forgotten about you. Beatdom’s editor has been travelling from Korea, via Japan, across the United States, to Scotland. He’s seen City Lights Bookstore and the North Beach area of San Francisco, Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Larimar Street in Denver, Naropa in Boulder, and is now somewhere in Pennsylvania, heading further east.

Rest assured, Beatdom will be back online soon enough, answering e-mails and posting all the latest Beat news.

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David S. Wills is the founder and editor of Beatdom literary journal and the author of Scientologist! William S. Burroughs the Weird Cult.He travels a lot and currently lectures in China. He also runs an ESL website. You can read more about and by David at his blog, or on Tumblr.

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