Beatdom #15 Deadline Extension


Due to various publishing projects, the editorial staff at Beatdom have decided to extend the submission period for Beatdom #15 from May 1st, 2014, until May 31st. This is because we are currently working on a number of exciting publications that will be released later this year, and we don’t want to rush the work that we do on Beatdom #15.

The topic of Beatdom #15 is “war” and that means we’re looking for essays relating to the Beats and war. We have already received a few submissions along the lines of “WWII as the catalyst for the Beat Generation” and are still looking for essays on, for example, Allen Ginsberg’s (and others’) anti-war protests, views on nuclear weapons, “war” in a more liberal sense of the word, etc.

As usual, we are also open to poems, short stories, artwork, and other interesting things.

The publishing projects on which we’re currently working are:

  • Philip Willey’s Naked Tea
  • Marc Olmsted’s Don’t Hesitate
  • Tony R Rodriguez’s Under These Stars
  • John Tyell’s The Beat Interviews

More information about these projects can be found at Beatdom Books, on our FB and Twitter pages, and on the Beatdom Tumblr. We are currently working on improvements for the BB site, so please be patient with updates.

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  1. I was trying to submit fiction for your War issue. I read the guidelines, but couldn’t find an address to submit my story.

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