Beat Me, Dav-id, GO to the Bar


(Medium Boogie Woogie)

In a Phnom-Penh beach-y sunn-y vil-lage in As-ia
There’s a Scot who runs the best Em-er-ald Beat bar
He can line fine whisk-ey an-y way that you take it
But what he likes the best is kicks that go far
When he pours it’s a ball
He’s the GO-man of them all
Old Bull-Lee waltz-es a-round when Dave sets up the bar,
Then when he pours he shakes a hand,
The rhyth-m Jack beats puts the gang in a trance
No-bod-y there both-ers to prance
But when he slams with Alvah and Co-dy,
They hol-ler “Moan for man, Dav-id, moan to the bar.”
A yass, a yip, a yass yip flip tip-in’ on Neal’s knees
A wo, EEEE, a wo EEEE wo EEEE wo-in’ out he squeezed
And when he slams with the Bass and a-le,
They hol-ler “Aw, beat me, Co-dy, driving the car.”
Ray Smith is under the bar

i Sung to the tune of “Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar” by Don Raye, Hughie Prince, and Eleanor Sheehy
George T. Simon. The Big Bands Songbook. (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1975.)

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