going places

going places

where are you going with your body
which never really came here in the first place
there is a three foot bubble around me
and only the animals are tame
but some of them are wild as russian tigers
which i avoid assiduously

as a human your alibi is tight as air
a migrating bird got lost in a restaurant
i picked it up with only one hand
and showed it to the door
it rejoined its comrades in a parking lot
you would do the same if you had any

December 2012 Gaines I. Milligan


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Author: ike the ikester

My name is Gaines Isaac Milligan, nee July 26, 1943. In Chattanooga Tennessee. After many lonely struggles, left that city in 1976 as a homeless accordionist. Since then I have accumulated a house, 100 accordions, a small family, and various predictable accoutrements. I now have composed about 3 dozen original poems, most of them since October this year, except for about 1/2 dozen I wrote in 2010. I write a poem at least every couple of days or so. When I am not writing a new poem, I am revising them. Except of course, when I am doing other things. Prior to becoming a street accordionist, I sometimes lived in caves, and took sustenance from the land and good will. I have worked as a piano tuner and a bicycle messenger and a real estate agent. I also repair accordions, and participate in various boring enterprises.

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