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Beatdom #18 is Out Now

We are delighted to announce the release of Beatdom #18, which marks this journal’s tenth anniversary!

You can get it on Kindle or as a paperback.

See the list of contents here.

Beatdom #18 – What to Expect

Very soon we will be releasing Beatdom #18, a special issue of the journal that marks our tenth anniversary. This will be our longest issue yet with almost 200 pages. As always, the cover has been made by the incredible Waylon Bacon: Continue Reading…

12 Essential Books About the Beat Generation

The Beat Generation are an often misunderstood group of souls. Even figuring out who and what they are is notoriously difficult. Yet there is no shortage of great books about the Beat writers and their fascinating lives and work. Below, I have collected what I consider the 12 essential books about the Beat Generation. (I have not included any works of actual Beat literature – ie On the Road, “Howl“, or Naked LunchContinue Reading…

Beatdom Turns 10

This month, Beatdom Literary Journal celebrates its tenth anniversary. Since our founding in May, 2007, we have released seventeen issues of the journal and Beatdom Books – our publishing branch – has published a dozen books.  Continue Reading…